Joni Kraja currently works on painting, digital photo, graphic concepts and set design, in his private studio in Tirana, believing that Albania is the most “liquid and political” country in the world, which is why it serves for limitless inspiration.


Independent Visual Artist born in 1970 in Tirana, Albania, he graduated from the Academy of Arts in the capital, in 1993. Joni Kraja grew up in a family of renowned artists in visual and performing arts, to mention his grandfather Kole Shiroka and his uncles Viktor and Bep Shiroka. His father Kolec Kraja was a celebrated football player and coach. 

Joni Kraja developed an original explosive style in painting and graphic design. Many of his artworks have been sold to private collections in Switzerland, Israel, United States, Albania, Greece, Kosovo and Turkey. 

Recognized for his revolutionary approach to set design, he was the first Albanian set designer to produce a stage of international dimensions for Miss Europe in 1996. Joni Kraja has been contracted by the most important televisions and event companies in Albania to produce logo and set designs for a variety of talk shows and entertainment productions.